Cheltenham Western Front Association


Branch Membership

The Western Front Association has branches throughout the UK and overseas with the purpose of furthering the aims of the Association.

The Cheltenham & Gloucester Branch welcome new members. We have many plans and projects which we would like to pursue and your support would be much appreciated.

You can download an application form to join the branch by clicking here.

The benefits of branch membership are:

  • You will receive a membership card
  • You will receive our newsletter The Sentinel three times a year, in addition to our usual monthly newsletters
  • …but, most importantly, you will be supporting your local branch. We look forward to welcoming you to our meetings.

Articles that have featured in The Sentinel are listed below. If you would like a pdf copy of any of these, please drop us an email.

Title Article Author Sentinel Issue
11.11.11 A Very Moving Experience Helen Earle 14
17cm Minenwerfer Fred Ashmore 16
1916 Christmas in the Field Fred Ashmore 13
A Cruise To Remember Colin Hardy 22
A Dazzling Display Hilary Jennings 24
A Great War Evening at Eastcombe Graham Adams 23
A Great War Survivor   24
A Hero on the Home Front (Lieutenant Leefe-Robinson VC) Hilary Jennings 5
A Letter from the Front Line   4
A Missing Tommy Roger Nall 39
A Review of Comrades in Captivity by F W Harvey   11
A Terrific Ten! Peter Gill/Peter Simkins 27
A Visit to France 1927   16
A Walk Around Albert Communal Extension Cemetery Martin Middlebrook 29
ANZAC Centenary Commemorations of the Gallipoli Campaign Helen & David Earle 23
ANZAC Parade at Leighterton Helen Earle 20
ANZACs in Leighterton Helen & David Earle 17
Arras Boves Martin Middlebrook 20
Austrian Heavy Artillery Fred Ashmore 39
Authuile Military Cemetery Martin Middlebrook 25
Aveluy Wood Cemetery Martin Middlebrook 6
Boy Soldiers of the 5th Glosters Martin & Teresa Davies 42
Brought Home Graham Adams 45
Bruce Bairnsfather looks back   11
Captain Anketell Moutray Read VC   7
Cast In Stone Paul Haigh 23
Charles Rumney Samson 1883 - 1931 Fred Ashmore 18
Cirencester and the Life Guards Robert Webb 25
Collector's Corner (Postcard) Fred Ashmore 6
Commemorative Stone for Dursley's VC Graham Adams 31
Courts Martial in the Great War Bob Brunsdon 6
CWGC Archive Project   11
Daisy Daking the Pixie Ian Goodridge 42
Edward Thomas Helen & David Earle 9
Elisabeth Garde Grenadier Regiment No. 3 Fred Ashmore 12
F W Harvey's Capture Roger Deeks 15
Far From The Battlefield Mick Miller 29
Field Marshall Sir Claud Jacob GCB GCSI KCMG Richard A Farrimond 39
Flight Cadet William Douglas Henderson Bob Brunsdon 15
Foot-slogging Over Belgian Ways Bob Brunsdon 4
For Valour - A Victoria Cross Winner in Milverton Graham Ashmore 43
Forgotten Foresters and CWGC Eric Nicholls 16
Formation Insignia or World War One (Part 1) Bob Brunsdon 13
Formation Insignia or World War One (Part 2) Bob Brunsdon 16
Four Officers of Guillemont Martin Middlebrook 10
Francis Gordon Davis Ian Hollingsbee 39
From Dudley to Hollywood via The Western Front Hilary Jennings 32
From Hell's Angels to a Happy Ending Bob Brunsdon 19
From the Western Front to a Pauper's Grave Graham Adams 34
George William Cother   18
Gloucester Civic Trust WW1 Commemorative Event   21
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (February 2008) Graham Adams 2
Gloucestershire War Graves Project Update (October 2008) Graham Adams 4
Gloucestershire War Graves Project Update (February 2009) Graham Adams 5
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (October 2009) Graham Adams 7
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (February 2010) Graham Adams 8
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (June 2011) Graham Adams 11
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (February 2013) Graham Adams 16
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (June 2014) Graham Adams 20
Gloucestershire War Graves Project (February 2022) Graham Adams 43
Gloucestershire's Belgian Soldier's Grave Martin Middlebrook 14
Gommecourt Bob Brunsdon 9
Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2014 Bob Brunsdon 21
Home Truths Professor Peter Simkins 8
Imperial War Graves Commission Letter To Relatives Martin Middlebrook 17
Introducing The Sentinel Peter Gill 1
Just A Chill Graham Adams 38
Kaiser Wilhelm II Fred Ashmore 43
King Nicholas I of Montenegro Fred Ashmore 26
Lance Corporal Archie Forrest Peter Gill 32
Last Journey for Arthur - 100 Years On Michael Miller 36
Leighterton ANZAC Day Parade and Service Helen & Davud Earle 32
Lieutenant Colonel John McRae Helen & David Earle 10
Lieutenant George Ferrier Mansfield Hall Bob Brunsdon 17
Lieutenant Richard Fletcher, RFA Hilary Kemmett 20
Majors Kent & Raper Martin Middlebrook 9
Making a Change Graham Adams 25
Memorials on the Salient: Number 1 Peter Gill 5
Message From Our Branch President Professor Peter Simkins 1
Miss Mabel Jennings ARRC, TFNS, MM Ian Hollingsbee 20
Mrs Eyres Monsell's Adventure   12
My Aunt at Mons 1914 - 1918 Martin Middlebrook 3
My Mum's Big Brother Michael Miller 4
Not In Silent Cities: War Graves in the UK Graham Adams 3
Not The Western Front but 'The Push to the East' Fred Ashmore 17
Pageant in Paris   28
Paul Thomas Bevan Remembered Philip S Bevan 3
Peace Day 28 June 1919 Fred Ashmore 35
Poetry From The Great War   1
Pork & Beans: Portugal and the Great War Graham Adams 8
Private Davis and Corporal Moon Ian Goodridge 31
Private Francis George Miles VC Edward Fletcher 6
Private Godfrey's War Peter Gill 40
Private Gus Tucker (21399), 7th Battalion, Glos Regiment Michael O'Brien 45
Private Sherrill C Crockett, 7th Battalion, Glos Regiment Michael O'Brien 44
Private Sidney Cockram Andy Hinks 9
Reconnaissance in the Tank Corps 1916 - 1918 (Part 1) Colin Hardy 19
Reconnaissance in the Tank Corps 1916 - 1918 (Part 2) Colin Hardy 23
Rendcomb's Great War Casualty Simon Fielding 4
Retracing My Grandfather’s Footsteps Steve Graham 28
Rifleman Sydney Hickham (471277) David Rogers 31
Ross-on-Wye Remembers Andy Hinks 21
SS Satrap - A Maritime Mystery? David Rogers 35
Scottish Memorial on Frezenberg Ridge Gordon Baker 3
Second Lieutenant Herbert Knollys Foster Bob Brunsdon 12
Setting Foot in Gallipoli for the First Time Graham Adams 1
South of Suez: Operations in Southern Arabia 1914-18 Graham Adams 35
Success comes to the Tanks at Cambrai A Bacon 29
Supplying the BEF during the Great War   6
Talbot House: A Home from Home   2
Territorial Force Esprit de Corps : Locally Fact or Fiction Martin & Teresa Davies 40
The 1928 Great War Battlefield Pilgrimage Eric Nicholls 26
The 'Battle Readiness' Trainingof the 1st/5th Gloucesters in 1914-15 Martin & Teresa Davies 45
The Beaumont Hamel Highlander Martin Middlebrook 13
The Bois Francais Sector Martin Middlebrook 24
The Cemeteries on the Serre Road Martin Middlebrook 2
The Centenary of the Unknown Warrior 1920-2020 Dave & Helen Earle 42
The Dearmers of Oakridge Lynch Cecil Ballantine 22
The Diary of Sergeant Albert Henry Duggins MM (Part I)   26
The Diary of Sergeant Albert Henry Duggins MM (Part II)   27
The Finale (or The Intermission) Fred Ashmore 33
The Glory Hole: La Boiselle   12
The Lochnagar Mine Crater at La Boiselle Martin Middlebrook 18
The Loos Big Walk: 22 and 23 September 2018 Ian Goodridge 34
The Paris Gun Fred Ashmore 9
The Princess Mary 1914 Christmas Gift Edward Fletcher 7
The Reinforcement Drafts of the 5th Gloucesters Martin & Teresa Davies 43
The Robert House Story (my interest in World War 1) Tony Gilbert 41
The Sinking of SS Perisa Stuart Fraser 28
The Story of TocH   28
The Soldiers' Own Diary 1917 Graham Adams 12
The Somme: A Sri Lankan Connection? Paul Haigh 19
The Wayside Cross Centenary Rededication Service Helen & Dave Earle 30
Three Brothers Fred Ashmore 22
Three Memorial Crosses at the Butte de Warlencourt   28
Titanic's Great War Links Graham Adams 14
Trench Orders: Part One   30
Trench Orders: Part Two   33
Trench Orders: Part Three   35
Trench Orders: Part Four   36
Two Graves on the Somme Cecil Ballantine 19/30
WW1 Artefacts in Unusual Places Paul Haigh 40
WW1 in the Cinema Ian Goodridge 38
War Memorial Bells at Holy Trinity Church Eric Nicholls 7
We Shall Remember Vimy ... Hilary Kemmett 2
Wilfred Edward Clausen 1888-1918 Fred Ashmore 31
What's The Connection Fred Ashmore 14
William Noel Hodgson: The Gentle Poet Helen & David Earle 8
World War 1 - British Settler Societies - Their National Component Commanders Richard Farrimond 44