Cheltenham Western Front Association


These meetings will be held at The Ed Shed situated at the rear of the Gloucester Folk Museum:
99-101 Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2PG

Sep 14 2021 Priming The Fuse: Origins Of The First World War
The Great War began with an assassination that had its roots deep in the turmoil of Southern Europe and the Balkans, which had suffered almost a century of revolts and wars of national independence, identity and colonial expansion. The build up to general war begins with the Italo- Ottoman War of 1911-12, which triggered the First Balkan War of 1912-13 which in turn led to the Second Balkan war of 1913, ending less than a year before the Great War began.
Roger’s talk covers these three conflicts, the involvement of the Great Powers and the ways in which these three wars served as test beds for the tactics, techniques and technology of the Great War, as well as the political and diplomatic fall-out that which influenced the Austrian decision to go to war with Serbia.
Roger Penny
Oct 12 2021 The 'Spanish' Flu Pandemic 1917-19
An explanation of the epidemiology of the pandemic and a discussion of its effect on the progress of the war effort in 1918, especially from the German point of view.
Dr Jane Orr
Nov 9 2021 TBC  
Dec 14 2021 Members’ Evening
For our December meeting we draw on the wide and varied expertise and knowledge of our Branch members. We have a small selection of ten-minute length presentations throughout the evening on a Great War related subjects of their choice.

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